Ad: Amethystory Beautiful Skin Search

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Amethystory is having a Beautiful Skin Search Contest!
If you're between 18 - 25 years old, and have fresh, beautiful skin, You can get to win Amethystory products and tonnes other attractive prizes!

All you gotta do is fill up a short form and submit a photo of your gorgeous face at the below link:

The contest is open to all women of age 18-25 years and you know what...
The Winner of te Amethystory Beautiful Skin Search would be the new FACE OF AMETHYSTORY!

Crazy awesome or what! Faster go submit your pretty photos! (:

So Amethystory also sent me some of their products for review purpose, I've always seen this range of products in Watsons but haven't got around to try it.

For this range it's pretty unique because their products, other than Hyaluronic Acid which is a really great hydrator, Bio Energy Fluid which provides minerals to nourish skin cells and it also has... Amethyst as one of the key ingredient for this range, yes the purple gem which symbolise good luck!

Apparently Amethyst promotes synthesis of collagen and deeply rejuvenate skin for smoother, more supple skin! *Thumbs up*

3 steps skin care for Amethystory-
Firstly exfoilate with Mineral Aqua Gel, then cleanse with Mineral Purify Facial Cleanser Or Mineral Bubble Face Wash then followed by the Mineral Aqua Whitening Enhancer.

 I like that the exfoilator in this range is a gel exfoilator and not those beady scratchy type, the mineral aqua gel is a weeeee bit too runny for my liking but i guess it does it's job so i've got no complains! 

Usually i'd use it twice a week, pump out two-three pumps and distribute all over my face and start rubbing gently as you gently rub the gel all over your face these "eraser dust-like" stuff would remove all your dead skin cells and also the deeply embedded dirt and grime!

Very fun exfoilating process but remember to not over exfoilate your skin too, twice or thrice a week is good enough!

Not new to bubble facial wash but this one from Amethystory, the foam is SOOOO dense and creamy! Leaves skin really hydrated and smooth and no tight feeling after washing my face with this.

Then remember to use the Mineral Aqua Whitening Enhancer to hydrate your skin!
It has Amethyst, hyaluronic acid and Tranexamic Acid which lighten skins and even out/brighten skintone! 

Just pour a little on the palms, pat on face gently, love it that it absorbs super quickly good for Singapore's humid weather, the last thing we need here in singapore is for our skincare to feel all sticky and gross on our skin, big no-no!

Here's a great tip for Amethystory to use the Mineral Aqua Whitening Enhancer and giving your skin a more intense brightening/hydrating boost- soak your cotton pads/paper mask that you can buy from SASA and use it like a mask! 

Oh Btw, if you happen to be around the below stated places, can drop by Amethystory roadshow to get a FREE Amethystory Mineral Aqua Gel sample & find out more about the Beautiful Skin Search.

14th April along Orchard Road: 1pm to 5pm
21th April along Orchard Road: 1pm to 5pm
27th April Temasek Polytechnic:11am-3pm
28th April along Orchard Road: 1pm to 5pm

Loves, TheLuckiestchick.

Sydney, Australia Spring 2011: Day 11 Back to Sydney!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Used my longchamp bag as my overnight bag today and pulled out a map -my city tour map when i was in Sydney...

Hahahaha omg that means I haven't use this bag since my aussie trip last September! But now I'm just staring at the map thinking of the place i visited during the city tour. I miss Aussie. ):

But anw! If you're in Sydney i do recommend you to check out this free sydney tour:
It's freaking awesome and mad interesting, totally unexpected.
I blogged about the places we covered in the city tour in my aussie travelogue, you can find them on the top navigation bar.

So as i just mentioned i was missing Aussie so much right, so i went to check how much are the flights to sydney these days and got a shock of my life!!!

$222 including taxes to fly to Sydney ON MY BIRTHDAY! OMG IS THIS FATED AND MEANT TO BE?! But after two seconds, back to being depressed, cos I wanted my next trip to aussie to be with leon but he will be overseas for work on my birthday. Boo boo.

So anyway, my last Aussie travelogue was about my last day in Gold Coast, where Jess, Sam & I visited MovieWorld. My flight from Gold Coast back to Sydney was like 7am, so I'm super touched that Jess & Sam practically craaaaaawled out of bed with me at 4.30am, just to drive me to the airport and send me off!
Sooooo nice of them!

So, honestly I can't really remember how my flight back to Sydney was, but i took a bus from the airport to my accomodation at Bondi Beach (Yes, again!) where i will be spending the next 3 days on my own! :D


Hahahah i know it's kinda weird cos most people would opt to stay right in Sydney CBD when they are in Sydney, but honestly I'm just kinda bored of the SG city lifestyle, so i wanted to stay at Bondi Beach where it's more laid back, filled with gorgeous beachside cafes/bars etc. Afterall Bondi Beach one of the World's famous beaches, so it was a really awesome experience.

So the first 5 days in Sydney with Jessica we were staying at a rented apartment we found on about 10-15 minutes stroll from Bondi beach, my last 3 days I stayed at the Bondi Beach House


From their site:

Set among the frangipani trees, just 2 minutes walk from Australia's most famous beach this guest house offers a choice of 3 suites, 4 double and 2 single rooms.
Genuine comfort with thoughtful clean design including quirky pieces by Australian artists makes this guest house unique.

The antique pine table in the communal kitchen is a congenial meeting place and a perfect spot to relax with breakfast and the papers. Alternatively you can choose a table on the terrace surrounded by exotic plants.
The Bondi Beach House has nine rooms and can sleep up to 21 guests. Within easy walking distance you will find beach front cafes and restaurants, health food shops, art galleries, yoga studios, a surf school and much more. The iconic Icebergs Pool and Restaurant is a stone's throw away.
Take the famous coastal walk to Bronte for breakfast or catch the bus which takes you to Circular Quay and the Opera House in 35 minutes.

Snapshots of Bondi Beach House:





I stayed at the Outback Room which is an ensuite room away from the main house, the rate was AUD90 per night!

After i settled down in my new place, gathered my beach tote and headed to Bondi Beach for some sun! The weather was really awesome that day, finally some sun and warmth in Sydney after spending the last 10 days bundling up in 4-6 layers of clothing, Spring has finally hit Sydney!!!


Always remember your SPF when in aussie!


Tan tan tan! Again i can't emphasize how much i love my Kindle, I bought about 7-8 or so kindle books on before i left for this trip and i completed almost 5 of them in the two weeks. Imagine if i had to pack 5 novels in my luggage how much extra space/weight would it take?  

♡ you Kindle. Best piece of tech i've ever own, all thanks to leon who got it for me a couple of birthday or anniversaries ago!


Was just chilling and reading my kindle and suddenly this huge gust of wind started blowing from the sea to the sandy beach and got sandy blown all over me. Wind refuses to die down after 5 minutes and i got annoyed from sweeping of sand all over my face so i "relocated" to a grassy patch just beside the beach hahaha so comfy i almost fell asleep while reading.


Didn't want to tan for too long so i got up and decided to check out the Bondi to Bronte Coastal walk that everyone was raving about being a must-go and all. Forgotten to bring out my GF2 but i was lazy to walk back to the house to get it so all photos taken with my iphone 4! Pretty decent quality I'd say.

Heh, thank god i wasn't using some phone with a crappy phone cam. Because if i didn't take photos of this place i think i'd regret for life! hahahaha like very kua zhang but the coastal walk was SO beautiful!
Perfect weather and spring was setting in so all the cheery spring flowers were just exploding out of nowhere, took the coastal walk on my last day and the flowers were like popping out like nobody's business, couldn't believe that so much flower could grow within 3 days!


Icebergs pool, you could go for a swim in the pool you know, it's just so calming to see the waves crashing by the pool. I think it's freaking awesome. It's a saltwater filled pool btw, so clever and environment friendly! Plus super save if you're damn scared that you'll drown to death / kena stung by jellyfish / eaten by a shark while swimming in the sea.

Coastal walk towards Bronte Beach.


By the time i walk back to bondi beach it was almost sunset, 4-5pm ish?
Settled down in some cafe, had dinner and had an early night at the super homely Bondi Beach House since i woke up really early that day to fly over to Sydney..

End of my last 3 days in Aussie!

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Dazzel's Doggie Birthday Party!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Hahahaha, so this happened a couple times with different bunch of my friends.
So i said: " hey i'm going to this doggie bday party this weekend, how awesome is that! "
they would gives me this puzzeled expression and ask me "what is a doggie birthday party?"

WHATTTTT?! A Doggie Birthday Party = a doggie birthday party, 
why does everyone thinks it's soooo crazy ass weird! hahahah


Leon was overseas for work so i kidnapped Magic to "be my date" to Dazzel's Doggie Birthday Party!
Yes again, no weird looks please, nothing unbelieveable, it's simply a doggie's birthday party ahaha, i'd admit it's my first time to a doggie bday party too and i certainly raised an eyebrow when i first got the invitation like everyone else. haha
So I drove to Marina Barrage with my "date" - Mr Magic, who was panting all the way and looking so excited to be out for gai gai!


Debbie & Amour lookin' all fluffy and cute!

Most of the photos here are not by me but by Conan (LOL, i love his tagline - Give Conan a Canon and he will take pictures.) who was walking arnd with his ridiculously cute Hello Kitty Lomo camera and Canon DSLR and at some point he was babysitting my super tired magic who was panting so hard i was so worried he might get a heatstroke or heartattack or something.


Say Hello to the birthday boy, Dazzel! 1 year old, big boy!
Dazzel's owner Hai Ning was showing us some tricks she taught him, she would say Dazzel, Speak! and he would bark that one, manly WOOF!

I don't think leon and his family really taught magic anything, he dont really even listen to the basic commands like sit and stuff, only sometimes. Bah.



Happy day for the birthday boy. All the other doggies are slaves for the entire day and has to hold a huge golden leaf and fan dazzel while feeding dazzel some bacon treats.



OMG This 2 months old Chihuahua X Pomernarian is the CUTEST thing EVER!!!!




Wanna see me tap dance with these cute little paws? Pay up first bitches!



Hahahha the dudes there are like the doggie baby sitting corner! All the ladies are the party were like oooooh-ing and ahhhhh-ing at the adorable doggies while the dudes babysit the tired doggies lol.


Conan with the ridiculously cute hello kitty lomo cam babysitting magic which he's panting like a dog, literally. I was so afraid that he might drop dead anytime cos he was panting so hard the entire time i left the party early to send him home, lol after he's like 9 years old? Uncle already!

Lol, funny think is there were so many doggies he could socialize with but magic was pretty much interested in none of them! So zzz, i think i "socialized" with the other doggies more than him, of course my form of socializing is cuddling and giving kissing and not the doggie sniff butt way duh!

And year back when leon had victory, a really fat poodle, magic used to hump Victory's head . -.-
Like yeah, whatever you're thinking right now, is right. lol!

And when we have leon's kitty, Ninja in the room so i could play with him, magic would whine non stop outside the door hoping for us to let him in so he can play with ninja. And then he would sniff ninja's butt non stop.

So my main point is.. both Victory &; Ninja are boys!!! Plenty of Chio female doggies at the party he also tao them, but he's more interested in a Male Poodle and a Male kitty wtf? Omg leon you have a gay papillion.. hahah this is so weird.

So cute! Doggie goodie bag for Magic, she was so awesome to pack a goodie bag for Ninja full of noms and kitty toys for ninja, so sweet or what?

★ So they are running an online store, My Little Monster that sells pet supplies, pet food etc 
I get all my guinea pig food from them cos they pricing is way way way cheaper than my usual pet supplies store  ♡ , plus free delivery which is freaking awesome!

I'm not paid to advertise for them or anything, just think it's awesome to share a great deal when i find one. (:

Their website is not entirely ready yet so not all the products are listed there, but you can contact Naomi via whatsapp or call her at 97939120 or Hai Ning at 97270684 to find out prices and all. 

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Sydney, Australia Spring 2011: Day 10 Gold Coast

Saturday, April 21, 2012

I can't believe it's been close to 7 months since my trip to down under, Australia!
Hahahah and the fact that i'm still blogging about it 7 months after the trip :x

So anyway Leon and I were talking the other day, about our yearly trips, maybe we would go to Australia again, visit his sis, May in Canberra, then probably go on a roadtrip and explore a hell lot more places this time round, so darn exciting I wanna do so much crazy stuff before i croak and die. hahaha

So anyway on day 10, we were still in Gold Coast, last day in Gold Coast for me because i'd be flying back to Sydney on my own for another 3 days cos i'm taking my flight back to Singapore from Sydney.

So we went to yet another theme park! We're really nuts hahah by then we were really just beaten by all the traveling, waking up so early and the crazy weather transition - freezing, hot, windy freezing again so by then Me, Jessica & Sam, we were all down with flu/fever, the works.


Yo! Movie World!


Hahaha the mandatory shot right before we start our crazy day at Movie world!




Lol damn cute, even the dude working at the batman castle ride will entertain the theme park guest and give a huge grin and peace out even thought i'm sure his outfit must be killing him since it was such a hot day out that day!

LOL i think in USS the staff would just frown and give you the FFFFUUUUU, DONT FREAKING TAKE MY PHOTO face lol.




Lol the superman ride was pretty much my favourite ride! Haahah, the ride required us to lie down on the coaster- superman flying style. Hahahah i was so freaked out because this was the first coaster we took of the day i made Jess sit beside me!

Poor sam gotta ride with some other dude. If we weren't feeling so shitty i think we might do this ride over and over again!

Thinking of this ride now made me really wanna hop on any coaster and scream my lungs out hahahah, although we have USS now i don't think we have any reaaaaaally scary rides! I took the Battlestar Galactic coaster 5 times that day i went with my church mates and after awhile it wasn't even scary -.- like i don't even feel the need to scream hahahah that's so miserable?!



Jess and I pretty much squeaked and ran towards the Harry Potter store when we spotted it! But it's pretty disappointing, boo i thought it'll be more interesting like maybe they might have like candies shaped in odd shaped ingredients they used in potions classes or lol mandrakes or whatever.

But it kinda sucked. They have a bunch of lame merchandise and weird stuff. -.-





Lol, DAFAQ?!



Yay! Churros is a must in theme parks duh!



Hahahah Scooby doo ride, this was pretty fun!

Jess told me this story when she was just a kiddo she came with her mum and her mum didnt know it was a indoor coaster and she thought it's just some kiddy joyride lol!

They when they came out of the ride Jess mum's face was like totally green and feeling faint and all ahahah poor her!


So by mid-day we were really feeling horrible with our flu/fever and the crazy heat was driving us nuts, so we decided to cut the day short and head back to our apartment to pop some panadol and sleep for a couple hours and hopefully feel a little better.


What's up duck! Spotted Bug's Bunny and gf when we were about to leave! Must be our lucky day. (:


Loves, TheLuckiestChick.